Our Story

The Bowling Green is a wonderful green area that sits in the heart of East Pollokshields. It’s a flourishing space that’s community designed and led and is located on the site of the former Kingston Bowling Club. 

We’ve been working hard to bring the site back to life and transform it into a safe space for everyone to enjoy. We’ve seen wildlife and wildflowers return, created a small market garden and started work on the building too with the aim to provide a café, kitchen and workshop space.

Recently progress on the Bowling Green has slowed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus but we’re still working safely on site to keep our exciting projects moving and we’ll be announcing more programmes soon. If you’d like to get involved, fill out our volunteering form or send us an email to getinvolved@pollokshields.net.

Founded in 1850, Kingston Bowling Club sadly closed its doors at the start of 2011 and the site became derelict. In 2016, the process to reclaim the space for the community began with a series of discussions and consultations initiated by The Pollokshields Trust. The Kingston Bowling Club was known for its welcoming members and vibrant social scene. The Bowling Green will continue this legacy by being at the heart of the Pollokshields community.
During the ‘Make Your Mark’ charrette process in 2016 the creation of an East Pollokshields Urban Common was identified by residents as an important requirement for the area due to the density of housing and lack of green space. The Mark Makers project, managed by The Pollokshields Trust, has worked hard to deliver this vision, now called The Bowling Green.
The Bowling Green has been brought back to life by volunteers from the local community who have worked together to make the building watertight, clear debris off the site, build raised beds for planting and create a vision for the site's future.
Currently the Bowling Green is managed by the Pollokshields Trust with the aim that in the future it will be run by the Pollokshields community as an independent project. If you'd like to get involved in securing the Bowling Green's future, send an email to getinvolved@pollokshields.net


The Bowling Green is a vibrant green space in East Pollokshields that’s designed, owned and operated by the community. It sits at the heart of the neighbourhood and brings people together in a welcoming, supportive space to contribute to community life, socialise and relax.

Aims and Objectives

The Bowling Green encourages people to lead healthy, active and sustainable lives by:

  • Providing a safe green space and ensuring access to all
  • Instilling decision making from the ground up
  • Improving the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Encouraging participation and sharing practical life skills
  • Building a green and sustainable future

A Pollokshields Trust Project

49 McCulloch Street
G41 1SU

Tel 07928 080 761
Email bowlinggreen@pollokshields.net

The Pollokshields Trust is a registered charity (No. SC047413)

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